Have you ever wondered how many potential customers you’re losing if your website remains outdated?

Let’s start with a seemingly simple but crucial question: Is your website “old”? It’s not just about its creation date; it’s about whether it keeps up with current design trends, is intuitive, fast, and adapted to current standards. An old website is not just a matter of aesthetics; it’s primarily untapped potential for your business.

Losses due to an outdated website are real!

When we talk about an ‘old’ website, it’s not just about it not looking modern. It also means it might not be optimized for conversion. Studies show that a design refresh can significantly increase profits – sometimes even by 200-400%.

But how much exactly are you losing? Let’s say your current website generates monthly revenues of 10,000 PLN. If you invested in modern design, following the lowest value within the range of 200-400% growth, your revenues could increase to 20,000 PLN monthly. Additionally, if your website loads 3 seconds slower than the standard, you’re losing up to 21% of potential revenues due to slow loading. That results in a loss of 2,100 PLN per month. In total, maintaining an old website could cost you 12,100 PLN monthly (2,100 PLN loss from slow loading + 10,000 PLN difference in potential revenues).

Mobile UX and its importance for customers

Currently, we can’t ignore the growing role of mobile devices. If your website doesn’t work smoothly on smartphones and tablets, you risk losing a significant part of the market. Studies indicate that if a website isn’t mobile-friendly, up to 74% of people may not revisit, and 67% of them are willing to make purchases if you improve mobile UX.

What can you gain from the change?

Instead of seeing a website change as a cost, think of it as an investment in your company’s future. A modern website is not just a “prettier picture” but primarily a tool that can significantly increase your profits, improve your brand image, and build lasting trust among customers. Is it worth losing customers and money just because you haven’t decided to make a change? Now is the best time to invest in a new, better website and turn these losses into gains.

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Łukasz Ślusarski
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